Freelancer for Desk Research Needed ASAP

Posted On: Aug 6, 2021
Grant Ferguson, CEO

Freelancer Needed ASAP:

$25-$40/ hour

10-20 total hours

Business / Franchise Start-up / Acquisition Overview

Note: All data should include sources (website / publication and date)

Where possible, include (sourced) screen shots / jpgs / links of charts, graphs or other relevant graphics

Desk research will answer the following questions: 

Market Activity and Growth Questions 

  • How many new businesses were started in the US in 2020 vs. 2021? (quarterly comparisons)
  • What’s the growth rate / growth forecast for new business starts?
  • Same questions for business acquisitions (focus on “main street” businesses, <$10M revenue, <150 employees)
  • How many franchises were purchased in the US in 2020, Q1-2 2021?
  • What is the growth forecast for franchise starts / purchases?
  • What are some of the main factors driving the growth in business starts and purchases?
  • What’s the average business purchase price? (by sector / industry helpful)
  • Any location concentrations (by state / city) for business start-ups or purchases?
  • What appear to be the most rapidly growing business types / industries when it comes to business / franchise purchases?

Profile of Business and Franchise Buyers

  • What’s the typical buyer profile (demographics, career stage, financial condition, etc.) of a small to midsized individual business buyer? How about a franchise buyer?

(Any info on financial situation, income, credit score, net worth of busies buyers would be very helpful)

  • Why do people buy a franchise instead of start a business?
  • Why do people buy a business instead of start one?

Financing Questions

  • What’s the average / typical price of a franchise?
  • What’s the typical price of a small business purchase? (by sector?)
  • How do people typically finance the purchase of a business or franchise?
  • How many SBA 7(a) acquisition loans were originated in 2020 / 2021? (exclude commercial property, equipment or construction loans, etc.)
  • What’s the total $ volume of these loans?
  • What’s the average SBA loan amount?
  • What’s the 2021 forecast for SBA acquisition loans?
  • What are FinTechs doing in the business acquisition space (if anything)?
  • Any major banks, lenders or financial services firms emerge who are active in this space?
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