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Q: Can I become a member half way through the season?

Our events are held September through June. You are welcome to join at any time. In March we discount membership from $95 a year to $50 a year to account for the fact that our season is partially over. (Our calendar year is September through August. We take July and August off to allow our all-volunteer board to plan for the following year.)

Q: What if I’m not in the greater Seattle area, can I still join?

We are now streaming all our luncheon presentations, so you can easily participate from other parts of the world. Pricing for events is adjusted accordingly.

Q: Do you offer a student membership?

Yes we do. It’s $25 for the year, but you need to be sure to register with your school email address. We also offer a student rate of $35 to attend in-person luncheons.

Q: I’m looking for a job in the Seattle area. Is this a good group for me to get involved with?

Yes, PSRF is a great place to network with area researchers and find a job. We have a job bank where area employers can list any openings. During the announcements section of our monthly luncheons we provide time for employers to share any openings and job hunters to share a quick “elevator speech” regarding the type of work they are looking for and their experience.

Q: I am interested in speaking at an upcoming PSRF Luncheon. Where can I find more information?

You can click here for additional details. Our speakers are allotted an hour for their presentation, which includes a 15 minute Q&A. We pride ourselves on the high quality educational content and therefore strictly prohibit sales presentations. If you have something to share with our members we’d love to have you present.

Q: I would like to get deeper involved in Puget Sound Research Forum as a board member. Is it still possible?

We are always on the lookout for industry leaders to drive direction of our non-profit! Please click here for current openings and to apply.

Q: Can I attend a luncheon if I’m not a member?

Yes, you are welcome to join us for our monthly luncheons at the non-member rate. Click here to register for our next event.

For Speakers

Q: How many members do you have?

The PSRF has approximately 175 members from a variety of private and public industries.

Q: How often are your luncheons held and where?

The PSRF holds a luncheon the third Thursday of each month from September-June. Luncheons are held at Ivar’s Salmon House in Seattle (North end of Lake Union).

Q: Who attends the luncheons?

Both members of the PSRF and non-members are welcome.  Typical attendance is around 35-45 people.

Q: How long will I be speaking?

Your presentation should last for about 45-50 minutes with 10-15 minutes remaining for Q&A. Our typical luncheon schedule is as follows:

  • 11:30 Registration and networking
  • 11:50 Lunch
  • 12:30 Speaker Presentation
  • 1:30 Wrap-up
Q: What should my presentation focus on?

Your presentation should focus on how your organization utilizes market research and how it has helped your organization/clients.  It isn’t only the types of market research your company conducts that interests our membership, but how you have been able to utilize market research to accomplish your objectives and solve marketing problems.  Our members are also interested in how you conducted the research, tools and techniques employed, innovative approaches used and lessons learned along the way.

Q: What shouldn’t my presentation focus on?

Please keep in mind that this presentation should not be a sales pitch.  Now, don’t get us wrong, we love a good sales pitch.  However this forum is intended for enrichment and education.  If our attendees feel like they have been well educated, there’s a good chance at least one of them will invite you to make a sales pitch.

Q: Do you provide audio/visual equipment?

Yes.  Please let us know what your needs are at least one week in advance.   If possible, we do ask that you bring your own laptop.  We provide the projector, screen and a wireless lapel microphone.

Q: What benefits do I get from being a speaker?

We do not offer paid compensation for speakers.  We will help with travel expenses for you or your client if you are not local.  Presenting at a luncheon offers great exposure for you and your organization, an opportunity to meet other research professionals such as yourself, and share your expertise with our curious, talented membership.  Your lunch will be provided.

Q: Should I sign up for the luncheon?

As the speaker you attend the luncheon for free.  You are welcome to sign up (so you can pick your meal (we offer four choices), or we can take care of it for you.  Be sure to get the code from your PSRF contact so you will not be charged.  We will have your meal ready for you early, but if you prefer, you can always opt to take it to go.

Q: Is there any additional information I should know?

During the meeting announcements we have a door prize drawing.  If your organization has an item that you would like to provide for that drawing, we would be grateful.  Past door prizes have included: gift cards, chocolate, Starbucks Coffee, wine, etc.  Presenters have also given away a copy of an authored book.